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The Whacker Neuson Teleporter delivered to Dublin City!

The Whacker Neuson TH522 is popular with our contractors and local customers as it has many benefits such as:   TH522 is...

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The Nifty HR12 getting ready for Belfast!

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Connor out on site doing our monthly inspections

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Pleasurable Delivery of Geni 19/32 Scissor Lifts

A Pleasurable delivery of some of our Certified Geni 19/32 Scissor lifts to a new client.

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Work at Heights Safely with Monaghan’s Leading Height for Hire Service

Cherry Picker Lift Equipment Availability – Monaghan Depot

Cherry Picker Lift Hire Equipment AVAILABILITY
Teleporters/ Telehandlers 24 hours
Battery Scissor Lifts 24 hours
Diesel Scissor Lifts 24 hours
Battery Boom Lifts 24 hours
Articulated Boom Lifts 24 hours
Telescopic Boom Lifts 24 hours

Cherry Picker Hire in Monaghan – FAQ

Can you move a cherry picker when up in the air?

There are many machines designed with this function in mind, but please check before you hire.

How much can I carry in a Scissor lift/ Boom lift?

Scissor lift/Boom lifts have a ‘safe working load’ (SWL) set by the manufacturer. This is how much the combined weight of the worker and tools the machine can lift into the air.

Too much weight means the cherry picker can become unstable, so it is important to keep within the weight limit for safety. If you’re not sure if you will be taking too much weight on please don’t hesitate to ask when at the beginning of the hiring process.

What is the difference between platform height and working height?

Platform height is the maximum height the base of the cage reaches when the platform is fully elevated.

Working height is considered to be the maximum height an individual can reach whilst stood in the platform, when it is fully elevated.

Are Scissor lifts cage collapsible?

Largely speaking, the guard rails on scissor lifts are partially, if not fully collapsible.

Where can I store/operate a scissor lift?

Both diesel and electric scissor lifts can be kept outdoors. It is not recommended that diesel scissor lifts are kept in confined internal areas due to the emissions, but electric scissor lifts are fume free so can be stored internally.

Well-ventilated or ‘open’ internal spaces such as barns maybe suitable if you wish to keep a diesel scissor lift inside, this advice applies to all Boom Lifts.

Can I use my Electric scissor lift outside?

Certain models of electric scissor lift are suitable for use outside within their own guidelines.

What is the difference between articulated and telescopic boom?

A telescopic boom has 2 or more sections that slide out from each other, forming a straight boom.

For this reason, they are also commonly known as ‘straight sticks’ and can offer large working heights and horizontal outreach. Articulated booms have a minimum of one hinged joint or ‘knuckle’, enabling the boom to bend.

This increases manoeuvrability and creates the ability to have ‘up and over’ clearance.

Can you get a hybrid or a bi-fuel machines?

Where available, a bi-fuel combination of a diesel engine with chargeable batteries allows a self-propelled boom to be used indoors and out. For example, our z45 bio genie Boom lift.

What is a spider lift?

Tracked boom lifts – also commonly referred to as spider lifts – are a working at height solutions that reach out as well as up on uneven or sloping ground.

Spider lifts achieve this by using outriggers, or stabilisers, which level the chassis to enable lifting even on challenging terrain operating by either electric or a diesel motor.

The lifts are also a big benefit due to their light weight and compact size, meaning they can operate inside buildings and only need a single doorway or gateway to gain access.

Unfamiliar with the MEWP machine you’ve hired?

If you need to familiarise yourself with any of our machines before use, one of our trained staff will be available by phone or in person to guide you through the process.

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